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On the hunt for a delicious vegan restaurant in Atlanta? You’re in luck! Atlanta is one of the most diverse cities in the country for unique, diverse food from all walks of life. If you’re totally vegan, vegetarian, or just looking for a new restaurant to enjoy on meatless mondays, here are the best vegan restaurants you can find here in Atlanta for a vegan breakfast, lunch or dinner!

black owned vegan restaurant

Life Bistro

Life Bistro is an up and coming vegan restaurant here in Atlanta, though they are new, they have really made a name for themselves. Life Bistro is one of the first and only vegan fine-dining experiences in the city. Inside you’ll find a beautiful dining room perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and date night. They have a one-of-a-kind juice bar where they serve alkaline friendly health and wellness shots as well as cold-pressed juices, coffees, and teas. Atmosphere aside though, they are incredibly focused on ensuring that their food is nutritious, filling, and diet friendly. Everything on the Life Bistro menu supports the alkaline diet, and comes seasoned to perfection. If you are not aware of the alkaline diet, it uses plant-based and whole foods to work towards a healthy pH within your body. While we can’t change our body’s natural pH levels with the food we eat, the diet is based on the idea that you can make it a little easier on your body to process acids by eating foods that are naturally more alkaline than acidic.

Herban Fix

Herban Fix is an exciting, contemporary restaurant serving chef-inspired takes on vegan pan-asian dishes for both lunch and dinner. On sundays, they offer a brunch buffet complete with mimosas and other delicious cocktails and infusions. Herban Fix is run by chef Wendy Chang, a veteran in the high-class Atlanta restaurant scene. She started Herban Fix to blend her passion for pan-asian cuisine with her dreams of providing high-quality, healthy vegan food while also making the environment a better place. The meat and dairy industries are the top contributors to global pollution. By switching to a mostly plant-based diet, we can reduce our carbon footprints while also looking and feeling better. Green and healthy is the standard at Herban Fix, and the quality of the food really speaks for itself. Be sure to try the seared mushroom steak sometime.

Viva La Vegan

Viva La Vegan is another excellent vegetarian restaurant with lots and lots of fully plant-based and vegan options. They have one of the most extensive menus in the area and aim to be incredibly health-conscious, even offering their own line of holistic herbal supplements, such as elderberry teas and a colon cleanse power shot. Many vegans and vegetarians also have nut and soy allergies, so Viva La Vegan offers lots and lots of soy and nut free options. Each one is seasoned perfectly, though the best part is that they normally give out massive portions of food, so you really get what you pay for here.

Cafe Sunflower

Cafe Sunflower has been a vegan staple in Atlanta for the last 25 years. They’ve taken home multiple awards for their hand-crafted, plant-based menu that serves lunch and dinner as well as brunch on Sundays. Here you can find lots of excellent meatless and vegan foods with cold-pressed juice cocktails and plenty of craft beer and wine, making it a popular go-to for date night. Most interestingly, Cafe Sunflower does an amazing catering job and gives back to the community frequently with community events and charitable donations. Be sure to check out the Orzo Eggplant Lasagna!

Slutty Vegan

Slutty Vegan is an exciting vegan restaurant with multiple locations throughout Atlanta. They even have a food truck that makes its way to many local and catering events. They specialize in delectable vegan sandwiches and plant-based burgers that are chef-curated and exceptionally unique. You can also pick up some delicious sides, like french fries, potato salad, and chips. While the food here is delicious, the most exciting factor is the owner’s charity work. Pinky Cole, owner of Slutty Vegan, also runs the Pinky Foundation, which offers educational programs, networking events, and thought leadership to empower black teens, college students, and younger adults to become fearless entrepreneurs. A small portion of Slutty Vegan proceeds make it to the foundation, making it possible for over 30 Clark Atlanta University students to graduate risk free. If you’re looking for a great vegan bite and a way to give back to the community, you’ll love Slutty Vegan.

All in all, Atlanta offers an amazing variety of vegan restaurants. New restaurants are springing up all the time! If you’ve had the chance to try any of these restaurants, what did you think about them? Were there any restaurants we missed that you feel should have made it on to this list? Be sure to drop us a line or leave us a comment below.

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