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Did you recently decide to replace the eggs and milk in your fridge with apples and celery instead? You’re not the only one! In fact, the demand for vegan food increased by 264% in the span of 9 weeks in 2020.

If you’ve recently adopted the vegan lifestyle, you might want to share the health benefits with your friends and family members, too. Here are a few tips that can help you share your love of veganism. With these tips, you can help your inner circle develop a taste for plant-based eating.

Discover how to get friends and family to try the vegan lifestyle with theseĀ five easy tips today!

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1. Cook Up a Storm

When was the last time you invited everyone over for a fun-filled dinner party? People love a delicious home-cooked meal. Inviting everyone over for your favorite vegan diet foods is a great way to introduce them to the lifestyle.

You don’t have to tell them you’ve gone meat-free with every dish, either. Instead, consider making a few classical dishes with a vegan twist.

For example, you can make eggplant lasagna and vegan breadsticks with plant-based butter.

Choosing foods your friends are already familiar with can help them feel more comfortable about the foods you’re serving. Otherwise, they might feel apprehensive about trying an unfamiliar dish.

Other great vegan dishes you can serve include:

  • Pizza
  • Soup
  • Pasta
  • Salad
  • Burgers

You can encourage friends and family members to bring vegan sides, too. If they’re not sure what to bring, offer a few suggestions. For example, a veggie platter with hummus and other dips is a great appetizer before dinner. 

You can encourage your inner circle to cook with you, too. Have them pick a vegan dish from a list of your favorites. Then, head to a local fresh market to gather the ingredients you need.

Make a day out of it! Once you have your fresh ingredients, put everyone to work. Make it a family affair.

Enjoying one another’s company and having everyone play a part in making the dish allows you to make a memory! Your friends and family will feel more open about a dish they had a hand in making. 

2. Explore New Restaurants

Do you have a local vegan restaurant you love? Maybe a restaurant you’ve frequented in the past has a vegan menu. Either way, taking friends and family out for dinner is a great way to introduce them to the vegan lifestyle.

They can see how easy it is to eat vegan foods out or at home. 

Encourage everyone to order a different vegan dish. Then, share the plates family style! Everyone can choose their favorites and discover new dishes they love. 

While you’re out, make sure to lead by example. Show everyone how easy it is to maintain a vegan diet. Your positive attitude could influence them to feel more receptive to veganism. 

Try different restaurants in your area that offer varying vegan experiences. For example, Life Bistro offers Atlanta’s only fine dining alkaline vegan experience. Their menu is full of amazing lunch and dinner entrees your friends and family members can try. 

3. Share Books and Tips

Your friends and family members are likely curious about veganism and the lifestyle. Respond to their curiosity by providing the literature and information they need.

People feel more comfortable walking into new situations when they’re armed with information. If you have a vegan book about plant-based eating you found helpful, share it. 

Prepare a list of books and online resources before introducing your friends to the vegan diet. Having a list of resources prepared can help them learn more right away. You can also offer them a book of recipes to explore.

Your friends and family members might find a few recipes they want to try with you!

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4. Prepare to Answer Questions

Remember, people feel more comfortable when they’re armed with information. Chances are, your friends and family members will have questions. Try to help them understand veganism and your vegan lifestyle. 

Why did you switch to the vegan diet? What changes have you experienced mentally and physically since making the switch?

Prepare yourself for the comments and questions people might ask. For example:

  • Are you eating enough protein?
  • Do you feel hungry all the time?
  • Are you getting the nutrients you need?

Gather research and do your homework beforehand. Having this information at the ready will help you feel more confident about answering these questions. 

Do you know anyone else who has switched to a vegan lifestyle? Ask them to speak to your friends and family members. Another perspective could help.

Otherwise, look for success stories from other vegans online. What benefits of the vegan lifestyle did they experience? For example, they might have switched to veganism because of an underlying condition like heart disease or diabetes. 

Some people notice changes in their mood, acne, and weight. 

Sharing these success stories can help your inner circle recognize vegan diet benefits and risks. 

5. Let Them in on the Benefits

Talk to your inner circle about vegan diet benefits and risks as well. Helping them understand the benefits might encourage them to make the change. Reviewing the risks, meanwhile, will help them approach the switch with care.

For example, the vegan diet benefits many people with:

  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Obesity

Cutting out starchy snacks and sugary foods can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile, adding more fiber to your diet can impact the body’s blood sugar response.

Vegan diet foods can also reduce a person’s risk of developing cancer. It could improve kidney function and ease arthritis pain symptoms. It might help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease development as well. 

It’s important to eat a well-rounded diet full of protein and nutrients, though. Ensuring your inner circle understands plant-based eating can help them make the switch safely. 

Eat Up: 5 Ways to Introduce Friends and Family to a Vegan Diet

Want your friends and family members to enjoy the benefits of veganism firsthand? Consider these five tips for introducing them to the vegan diet. With these tips, you can help them see the good veganism has added to your life!

Ready for a delicious vegan dish? Be our guest!

Join us in our dining room today to enjoy these vegan diet benefits among family and friends. 

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