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In this day and age, a lot of health trends continue to emerge, from various types of diets to all kinds of exercises. The range of options out there can ignite hesitation in the minds of individuals who are only starting to go down the healthier route. Moreover, the changes in lifestyle and routine can be intimidating, discouraging them altogether.

For people who are interested in better taking care of their well-being without drastic changes, one of the best ways to do so is to drink green juice. There are a lot of green juice options that can make this practice fulfilling, fun, and definitely healthy. Green juicing is designed to detoxify your system to help you feel lighter, healthier, and more comfortable in your own skin. To learn more about this practice, how to do it, and what recipes to try, check this out.

Why Choose Green Juice?

Beginners are surely wondering why they should choose to drink green juice instead of other diets and other cleansing methods. The simple answer to that is it is more accessible. First, this approach does not require extreme adjustments, making it more appealing and manageable for many people. A juice cleanses only lasts days, usually in a span of a few days to weeks, depending on your preferences. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry about any long-term modifications to your lifestyle.

Another reason to choose the green juice diet is it still lets you consume delicious food but in juice form. Yes, options like keto and paleo diets also let you eat yummy foods, but they require consistent consumption of food items that qualify for these methods. Making green juices does not require any special procedures. Plus, you can get the ingredients at your local grocery store, supermarket, or farmer’s market.

Don’t get us wrong, though. You will need to implement some sort of adjustments to your general routine. Cleansing needs to be done periodically and you want to maintain the healthy state of your body that you achieved through the cleanse.

Aside from its accessibility, the benefits of green juicing is the most important reason to choose this practice. It is known to cause weight loss, especially as it is known as a juice fast. Studies show that a three-day juice cleanse can result in a weight loss of 1.7 kilograms or 3.75 pounds or more. When maintained, this can increase wellbeing levels. Doing so can be easy as this cleanse promotes healthy gut bacteria and decreases illness-causing bacteria.

How to Detox Using Green Juice

The first thing to clarify about this diet is the method. Many are wondering if it strictly needs a juicer or if they can do with a blender. This process takes advantage of what fruit and vegetable juice has to offer. It requires intaking the ingredients in liquid form only to maximize the cleansing of your digestive system.

Juicing removes all liquids from the ingredients and leaves behind solids. Meanwhile, blending includes all the liquids and solids but in blended form, resulting in a smoothie-like texture instead of a purely liquid one. Because of this, the green juice diet strictly requires a juicer.

Keep in mind that prolonged juicing fasts can result in drastic health changes. As mentioned, a cleanse is also considered a fast, so it means that you will need to go days without food. It is also composed of fruits and vegetables, many of which contain oxalate. This organic acid is harmless in moderate levels but in excess, it can damage the kidneys.

The best way to do a green juice cleanse is to do it moderately. If you wish, your best bet is to do it for a few days and periodically. Doing this provides your body with the right vitamins and minerals without depriving it of other essential nutrients and foods for a long time.

Green Juice Recipes to Try

The accessibility of taking on a green juice diet makes it a great start for beginners. What you need to begin your green juice journey are your ingredients, a knife and chopping board for cutting, and a trusty juicer. Simply throw the ingredients into the juicer and within minutes, you have a perfectly refreshing and delicious diet food. To help you get started, here are some of the easiest and worthwhile recipes you should try.

  1. Tropical Green Juice

Let’s start with one of the tastiest options on this list. For people who enjoy anything tropical, the best option is the Tropical Green Juice. This option includes fresh spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, and water. This recipe is designed to detoxify your system.

  1. Fruity Cucumber Punch

This delicious juice is a great option for individuals looking for a flavorsome drink. It is composed of apples, cucumbers, and ginger, providing a refreshing option, especially during warm seasons. It has a zesty kick with a hint of sweetness and the rejuvenating taste of cucumbers.

  1. Chia Seeds, Greens, and Fruit Juice

This is perfect for individuals who are looking for an option for weight loss. It is composed of fibrous ingredients such as celery, pineapple, and chia seeds. It is also rich in protein and vitamins with the help of ingredients like kale, lemon, and cucumber.

  1. Spicy Green Juice

Adventurous eaters (or drinkers) will surely enjoy what this juice offer. It has a spicy touch thanks to jalapenos, ginger, and hot sauce. It is also composed of cucumbers, kale, celery, cilantro, limes, and a tiny pinch of salt to balance out the flavors.

  1. Savory Green Juice

For those looking for a drink that offers some delightfully savory flavors, this choice is the best one. It is made of tomatoes, parsley, celery, kale, lemon, and chia seeds. This one is rich in vitamin K to promote one strength.

The Takeaway

Going on a green juice fast can be satisfying with the help of the right recipes. Combined with the benefits and ease of doing this diet, you can never go wrong with green juicing as long as you do it in moderation.

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