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Just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you need to start your day with a dry piece of burnt toast. You can eat a delicious, vegetarian, full English breakfast with less than 500 calories.

Vegetarian English breakfasts come with a protein source like tofu, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, eggs, bread, and sauteed vegetables. In a controlled portion and depending on the steps you take to prepare your meal, this adds up to 500 calories or less.

Read on and learn how to meet your weight loss goals and eat healthily. It all comes down to the ingredients you pick, how you cook them, and what recipes you follow!

vegetarian full english breakfast

How To Make A Low-Calorie Vegetarian Full English Breakfast?

You can make a complete vegetarian English breakfast in 400 to 500 calories. All you need to do is make a few changes to the regular ingredient list and cooking methods. Pay attention to both the nutritional values of the foods you’re eating and the calories you’re consuming. Here are some of the steps you need to take.

Traditional English breakfasts tend to have a lot of animal-based proteins like bacon and sausages. These can be replaced with low-calorie vegetarian options. Using tempeh bacon, tofu eggs, seitan sausages will add a delicious flavor to your healthy meal. One serving of tempeh bacon has 151 calories and 9.5 grams of protein.

Similarly, two sausages have around 16 grams of protein and 128 calories. A single serving of baked beans, grilled tomatoes, fried egg, and sauteed asparagus adds up to around 300 calories.

Then there are the preparation methods. Read the recipe card for a traditional English breakfast and it’ll start with fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread, and fried potatoes as the main ingredients. Grilling or toasting reduces a lot of the excess fat that gets soaked into the vegetables while you’re cooking. It’ll also help you reduce the total number of calories.

Also, if you’ve ever ordered at an English diner, you’ll know the breakfast platter is usually a huge portion. Historically, heavy breakfasts became a staple among workers who would spend all day laboring. Now if you have an office job you don’t need nearly as big or hearty of a meal. Simply controlling your portion sizes will also bring your calorie count down while still providing you with all the same nutrients and health benefits.

How To Pick Ingredients Based On Nutrients And Calorie Count?

The best part about the vegetarian English breakfast is that you have a lot of options to choose from. The recipe isn’t set in stone so you can make slight alterations based on your food preferences and the breakfast calorie count you want.

1. Sauteed Mushrooms

A low-carb, protein-rich ingredient, mushrooms add a . They’re chock full of fiber, vitamin B and also have a significant amount of zinc and selenium. All in all, they’re pretty good for your health. Plus a single serving only has 22 calories.

2. Hash Browns

The perfect addition to any English breakfast, hash brows are a slightly salted, crunchy potatoes delicacy. The calorie count depends entirely on the recipe used. A McDonald’s hash brown has 115 calories while 1 hash brown from Fresh has 229 calories.


3. Hummus and guacamole

Guacamole and hummus are both excellent breakfast options as spreads on toast. The garlicky hummus is high in fiber and protein with a single serving containing 166 calories. With a fresh avocado flavor guacamole ranks high in vitamin E and fiber. It is good for skin health, weight loss, and heart health, with a single serving containing around 100 calories.

hummus and guacamole

4. Tofu Scramble

An amazing source of protein and essential amino acids, with relatively low-fat content, Tofu scramble is a great ingredient for your vegetarian English breakfast. A single serving gives you 10 grams of protein and only has 100 calories.

tofu scramble

5. Vegetarian Sausage

Two vegetarian sausages have enough protein to cover your entire daily requirement so make sure you’re not overdoing your protein sources. That means 16 grams of protein at 147 calories if you’re shopping at Linda McCartney. You can also get your vegetarian sausages at Richmonds, M&S, Aldi, or any other reliable retailer.

vegetarian sausage

6. Grilled Halloumi

This tangy grilled cheese has a rich and salty taste, that adds a lot of flavor to your food. It has become an incredibly popular ingredient in English breakfasts and is a dairy product high in calcium. A single serving has 110 calories.

grilled halloumi

7. Steamed Kale

One of the most nutrient-packed vegetables, kale is chock full of Vitamins A, K, C, B6, Manganese, Calcium, Copper, and Potassium to name a few. Plus a single serving only has 50 calories! Learn more about Vitamin B12 and all its benefits.

steamed kale

8. Grilled/Steamed Asparagus

Grilled or steamed asparagus is great for improving digestion or promoting weight loss. It has a high amount of vitamin A, C, K, fiber, and folate, but is low in calorie count, with a single serving adding up to 20 calories.

steamed or grilled asparagus

9. Baked Beans

These tasty beans come in a sweet tomato sauce that is a staple in every English household. While baked beans do have some protein and fiber, they’re extremely carb-rich. At 120 calories per serving, these beans may be delicious, but they don’t add a lot of nutritional value to your diet.

10. Fried Eggs

Fried eggs are a huge protein source and a staple in all English breakfasts. A single fried egg has around 90 calories and will go well with other ingredients on this list!

11. Tempeh Bacon

Rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, tempeh bacon is an excellent protein substitute, made using soybeans. At 150 calories and almost 9.5 grams of protein per serving, it makes for a tasty addition to your breakfast menu.

tempeh bacon

12. Toast

A traditional English breakfast tends to have fried bread, but replacing it with toast is healthier. Plus, with two slices of toast, you’re eating less than 150 calories.


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Now that you know your options, simply mix and match ingredients to make the perfect vegetarian English breakfast. Swap out protein choices or veggies to add variety to your routine and use the calorie guide to make sure you’re meeting your health goals. Of course, you can’t have a proper English breakfast without tea!

If you’re looking for delicious vegan dishes to spice up your diet plan, check out these recipes.

Cooking Techniques That Lower Your Breakfast Calorie Count

1. Sauteed Mushrooms

You’ll be surprised to know that frying mushrooms in oil can drain their protein and anti-oxidants, instead of filling them up with fats. On the other hand, grilling them preserves their natural nutrients while keeping the calorie count low.

Another great way to cook mushrooms is by frying them in a broth instead of oil. Not only will this cut down on calories, but it will also add a lot of flavor to the mushrooms. You can cook 500 grams of mushrooms in 150 ml of stock with a few spoons of flavoring. Then get a lovely sear by lightly frying them in soy sauce.

sauteed mushrooms

2. Grilled Potatoes

Tradition English breakfast may include dried potatoes or potato wedges, but grilling them instead is a far better cooking choice. In fact, why not add some delicious hash browns to your meal instead?

One serving of either will add around 200 to 300 calories to your meal. While these don’t need to be a staple in your morning routine, you can indulge yourself every once in a while.

3. Baked Beans

While you can purchase baked beans in a can, a healthier option is to make your own at home. All you need to do is wash, and season the chickpeas and roast them with some cherry tomatoes for 20 minutes.

baked beans

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4. Steamed Vegetables

When it comes to vegetables like broccoli, kale, asparagus, or spinach, steaming is a great method of retaining the natural nutrient value. The calorie count for steamed vegetables is also much lower than fried alternatives, so definitely avoid oil whenever possible.

Portion Control To Reduce Calories In A Vegetarian Full English Breakfast

Whether you want a 500, 300, or 200 calorie breakfast plan, the easiest way to adjust your meal plan is by reducing your portion sizes. That way, you’ll get all the essential nutrients, while still devising an effective weight loss plan.

Simply cutting down your protein quantities will make a huge difference in your total calories consumed. Alternatively, reduce items like cheese and beans that are tasty but high in calories and don’t contribute to your essential daily nutrient requirements.

Related Questions

How Many Calories Are In A Traditional Breakfast?

A traditional English breakfast with bacon strips, pork sausages, fried eggs, fried mushrooms, fried tomatoes, cheese, and fried bread has over 800 total calories. With multiple protein sources, fatty cooking techniques, and large portion sizes, these English breakfasts are designed to be the major meal of the day.

Using healthy, vegetarian ingredients with manageable portions, you can make a vegetarian English breakfast that’s around 400 to 500 calories.

What Is The Difference Between A Full Irish Breakfast And A Full English Breakfast?

A Full Irish Breakfast and Full English Breakfast have many of the same ingredients: sausage, bacon, fried eggs, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, and buttered toast. However, Irish Breakfasts will also have additional items like black and white pudding, brown bread, or Irish potato pancakes. Meanwhile, English Breakfast will have local items like oatcakes and potato cakes.

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