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You may sense that you are inexperienced in regard to the issue of growing your own food. But with more people actually doing it, it just may be the time to give it a try. It is fun to grow your own vegetables in your backyard once you try. There are many benefits when you make the effort to grow your own food. That is why it is a worthwhile effort. Even if you feel inexperienced now, gardening offers you the opportunity to grow in your knowledge and skills as your go.

Be more active and lose weight

Growing your own food helps you to be more active. This is because gardening is work. Likely, when you start moving more by working in your garden when it comes to planting, weeding and caring for your garden, you will enjoy the added side benefit of losing a few extra pounds or maybe even a lot of extra pounds. You will be pleased to discover how great you will look when you see that you have lost some excess weight.

Be more healthy from exercise

Also, moving more by working in your garden when you grow your own food will contribute to you being more healthy. This is based on the reality that gardening is a form of exercise and movement, which means that the body will be healthier. Movement and exercise are necessary in maintaining your good health overall. Thus, your whole family can get involved in the process of growing your own food to promote them being healthier due to more exercise and movement.

Deeper interest in origins of food

When you engage in the process of growing your own food, this can provide inspiration for you to gain a deeper interest concerning the origin of your food. When people have a deeper interest in the origin of their food, this often results in people making choices that are healthy in regard to what they decide to eat. Also, it is noted that when people are involved in growing their own food, they tend to enjoy eating it more and take longer to enjoy the taste of it due to the amount of effort that they have invested to make the food become a living and edible reality.

Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

When you grow your own food, you get to eat more fruits and vegetables. This is because you will have direct access to the fruits and vegetables in your garden right at home. Since you are growing them yourself, you will be more inclined to increase your intake of vegetables and fruits. Also, your other family member will likely be ready to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables. Then the overall result will be that you and your family likely will sense a better level of health that is resultant from the fact that you are increasing the level of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you are receiving from your tasty fruits and vegetables.

Control over pesticides and fertilizers

It is quite common when people grow food to use pesticides and fertilizers. But there can be harmful elements in some fertilizers and pesticides. Thus, when you are more conscious of the ones that are dangerous and that could cause serious health risks to you and your family, you can avoid using those kinds of fertilizers and pesticides. You can choose which pesticides and fertilizers to use when growing your own food. This gives you more control in regard to the kind of pesticides and fertilizers your food may come in contact with during the growing process. When you buy your food, you do not have any control over these elements. But when you have the control over the choice concerning the usage of pesticides and fertilizers when you grow your own food, you have more of a peace of mind that you are doing what is best for your health, the health of your family, and the environment.

Control over the ripeness

When you decide to invest time in growing your own food at home, you are empowered to then be in control when you pick your fruits and vegetables from your garden to eat When your vegetables and fruits that you grow yourself are permitted to fully attain a ripened stage, then the good news is that they possess a greater abundance of nutrients in comparison to vegetables and fruits that you may buy at the store, which tend to be frequently picked early. As a result, you can have the assurance that you are getting the maximum benefit of the nutrients of your fruits and vegetables when you let them ripen for the appropriate amount of time in your garden.

Easy for most people to do

You do not have to be a scientist to grow nice and good quality fruits and vegetables in your garden. It will take time and effort. But the reality is that there are basic items that do not require a lot of effort and will likely produce quite well for you in most cases. These food items are noted as being peppers, lettuce, and tomatoes. The truth is that most people can grow food with good success and fairly simply.


You may find that your garden is large and abundant. As a result, you may have more fruits and vegetable than you need. You do not have to let the fruits and vegetables go to waste. You can donate them to those who may need extra fruits and vegetables, such as seniors with low incomes, large families, or shelters. Or you may have neighbors who would love the opportunity to have some fruits and vegetables. Instead of you doing all the work, invite them to care for a section of the garden in accordance with the amount of the fruits and vegetables that they can use. This is fair and is good if you find that you are really busy. Their help in your garden can free up some of your time and they benefit in receiving tasty and healthy fruits and vegetables.

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