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More and more people are focusing on their health and wellness in the past few years, with numerous people around the world taking to trying all types of trends and crazes. One of these trends is juice cleansing, with the main concept behind this allowing individuals to hit reset their diets and jumpstart their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Although the frenzy around juice cleansing may have died down over the years, it has no doubt remained a significant practice across communities and rightly so. These juice cleanses provide practitioners alike various benefits that can boost the health and overall wellness of individuals. Detoxification, weight loss, better sleep and increased energy, and even getting clearer skin are just some of the motivating factors that urge people to try this trend.

For people who are interested in taking charge of their wellbeing and going on a healthier journey, one of the most popular ways of venturing into wellness is by going on a juice cleanse. Read on to learn more about what this practice is and the benefits this can bring.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

The Benefits of Going on a Juice Cleanse

A juice cleanse is a program where participants or individuals only consume fruits and vegetables that are juiced for a particular period of time. By extension, juicing is considered the process where natural juices are extracted from fruits and vegetables either through pressing or squeezing to separate the juices from the pulp or fibrous portion.

Under this approach, an individual is encouraged to consume vegetable, fruit, or a combination of these juices exclusively for around five to seven times a day, with solid food being avoided all throughout the program. Water or unsweetened teas, however, can also be consumed while on the juice cleanse.

Juice cleanses can last anywhere from three to 10 days. However, experts in the field recommend going no more than three days, especially for those who are just starting out. Going on a prolonged juice cleanse can lead to energy depletion and lack of nutrition from the necessary food groups.

Learn About the Benefits of Juicing

Done the right way, however, juicing can bring a ton of benefits. Not only can individuals give their bodies a rest from consuming rich and processed foods on a regular basis, but this can also serve as a fresh start to motivate people to start leading a healthier lifestyle.

Below are some of the benefits that advocates and proponents of juicing have to say about this program. Take a look at these.

  • Boost Health

Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Going on a juice cleanse can further boost the ability of the body to absorb nutrients faster as this eliminates the pulp or fiber from these fruits and vegetables.

Juicing provides individuals with a much faster way of consuming fruits and vegetables, especially for people who are not exactly fans of eating copious amounts of fruits and veggies on a daily basis or those who simply cannot manage to fulfill their required intake. Going on a program allows participants to intake the necessary, and even additional, nutrients designed to boost the body’s health.

  • Increase Energy

These juiced fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and vitamins. Drinking these fresh allows the body to boost the immune system and make an individual feel more energetic and refreshed.

Another way that going on a juice cleanse increases one’s energy is that the body undergoes a less rigorous and active process of breaking down liquids as opposed to breaking down solid foods. With the individual consuming generally fewer calories and the body dealing with a faster breakdown of what is being consumed, the individual in question leaves with more energy in the long run.

  • Improve Digestion

Juice cleanses do their magic by banking on the freshest ingredients on the market. By making each batch fresh and drinking only raw juice, people who go on a juice cleanse introduce healthy enzymes that work to improve gut health, and by extension, one’s digestion.

As these juices are consumed without protein or fiber, they can draw in more fluid within the digestive tract. In turn, this can lead to more frequent bowel movements, allowing the body to feel more refreshed, cleansed, and lighter over the course of their juice cleanse.

  • Weight Loss

One of the many reasons individuals opt to go on a juice cleanse in the first place is to jumpstart their weight loss and get on the right track. As a matter of fact, in as little as three days, individuals who went on a juice fast lost an average of 1.7 kilograms or around 3.75 pounds.

Drinking a medley of fruit and vegetable juices is also a great way to keep the cravings at bay and keep your appetite in check. With these being lower in calories, yet ensuring individuals they get the essential nutrients they need, it allows the body to shed some pounds, may it be through water weight or even some fat in the long run.

Tips on Starting Your Juicing Journey

Diving headfirst into the world of juicing can be downright challenging, especially when you do not know when to start. Arming yourself with the right knowledge and preparation is key in succeeding in this journey, and the best way to start is to consult your doctor. Those who have insulin resistance, kidney disease, diabetes, and other similar concerns may need to get approval from their physician before juicing.

Another helpful tip that comes in handy prior to doing a juice fast is eliminating refined sugar, nicotine, meat, dairy, wheat, and alcohol to help curb withdrawals that might come during the fast. This helps individuals experience fewer cravings and help them last throughout the entire process.

Last but certainly not least is to drink tons of water. Juice cleanses can detoxify the body and lead to more bowel movements or stimulation, allowing individuals to lose more nutrients. To replenish the body and keep it hydrated, drinking water will be of great help.

The Takeaway

Jumping on the juice cleanse trend does not have to be so complicated. With its numerous benefits, it’s not hard to see why many people have turned to this lifestyle. By weaning yourself into this juicing journey one step at a time, you are well on your way to becoming a healthier you.

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